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By WQIS, Jan 5 2020 05:06PM

Paul Lawrence Johnson III (born September 21, 1995) also known professionally as Trey Lawrence, is a rapper/producer, graphic designer, and creative born and raised in Dallas, TX.

Having an initial interest in music production in 2013 Trey began making and posting beats, but later went on to pursue rapping on a more serious level all under the name "Endemic". Since then Trey has came a long way rebranding his style/name as "Trey Lawrence" in 2015 while serving in the U.S. Army and performing at a number of events bringing a energetic presence to the stage. Trey has persistently perfected his craft as an artist with a predominantly smooth flow and laidback style, and a deep aggressive voice. Watch the official video on YouTube.

By WQIS, Jan 5 2020 03:10PM

Kofi Daeshaun was born in Ghana and currently lives in Woodbridge, Virginia after having lived for over a decade in Brooklyn, New York. Kofi Daeshaun started writing songs at age 13 and has eight studio albums and an EP to his credit.

As a war veteran of the US Army, Kofi Daeshaun addresses various topics in his music. He is also a multi-genre artist and is equally effective whether it’s pop, rap, hip-hop, Afrobeats or high-life music. Google search “Kofi Daeshaun” to get familiar with his unique talent. He also has over 40 official music videos on YouTube.

“Afrobeats 2” is Kofi Daeshaun’s latest album released on January 1, 2020.

To book Kofi Daeshaun for events, send an email to or call (970) 412-5140.

Follow Kofi Deashaun on social media:

Snapchat: @kofidaeshaun

Twitter: @kofidaeshaun

Instagram: @kofidaeshaun


By WQIS, Dec 31 2019 07:22PM

The Band Sebastian, a father and son duo, recently signed a distribution deal with a sublabel under the UMG brand. The label informed us that they will be releasing an upcoming EP in January.

Sebastian Aguirre - Vocalist, Keyboardist, Songwriter

Sebastian Aguirre received his Bachelor of Music in Music Composition from the University of California at Irvine in 2002, a Master of Music in Music Composition from California State University at Fullerton in 2004 and a California State Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music from the University of California at Irvine in 2006. Sebastian has been performing lead vocals and keyboards, composing music for independent films showcased at international film festivals and teaching vocal and piano music of all ages throughout Southern California since 2002.

Nick Aguirre - Drummer

Nicolas Sebastian Aguirre is a 9 year old drummer prodigy, a phenomenal time-keeper adverse in rock and soul styles. He is also an writer/artist and child actor.

The group featuring the child prodigy is phenomenal and something you need to see or hear to believe. "The Band Sebastian" is not just a fun and extraordinary music group, it is a music experience!

My Love Won’t Wait” the EP by The Band Sebastian

Music and Lyrics by

Sebastian Antonio Aguirre

Distribution by

Amada Records/UMG Distribution

You can follow their movement and stay updated on new releases via Amada Records.

By WQIS, Dec 23 2019 08:56PM

Renown artist and singer/songwriter Dylan Leibrich is back again with the official remix version of his brand new single “Easy High Easy Low”.

The original release of the single “Easy High Easy Low” by artist and singer/songwriter Dylan Leibrich caused quite the stir upon the singles initial release, prompting the dedicated fan base and followers of Dylan Leibrich to ask for more from the artist before Christmas. Dylan Leibrich listened and managed to put together a remix version of his trending single “Easy High Easy Low” as a present to his fan base putting them at ease until the artists next official release in 2020.

Both the original release “Easy High Easy Low” and the official remix version have been generating mass hype across all social media platforms and generating generous amounts of airplay across both national and international radio stations putting Dylan Leibrich on the radar and an artist to look out for in the year 2020.

Singer/Songwriter Dylan Leibrich is now active on all social media where he creates new sounds of modern and pro- gressive pop music designed to be both uplifting and inspiring the sound of this WINTER 2019.

Follow his movement and purchase the single “Easy High Easy Low”. Now available on all major digital music stores such as Amazon, iTunes etc.

The official remix is also now available to stream via all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, and Vevo

By WQIS, Dec 23 2019 08:16PM

Grace Robinson also known as Gray-Cee began writing poetry in 7th grade, she later began writing music in high school. One night while she had been out at a local club in Phoenix AZ, singing outside, she ran into a group of music students from a nearby Music school. They offered to have her come down and record. Gray-Cee began recording more often and later met her husband. Gray-Cee had already had one child but added to her family two more children. When the last child was born Gray-Cee almost lost her life to the birth of her youngest son. She faced a major heart surgery six weeks after. Everything went well, and recovery was nearly a year. In her time of recovery, she was unable to sing; but she also swore that once she recovered she would never give up on her passion for music. Gray-Cee dreams of one day becoming a ghost writer and travelling the world to work with world renounced artists.

Follow her movement and purchase her single on Amazon.



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