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Dylan Leibrich Announces Brand New Single, 'Forgotten'

By WQIS, Jan 5 2020 06:44PM

Dylan Leibrich is a singer and songwriter with a passion for beautiful melodies and relatable lyrics. Recently, he put out a song titled Easy High Easy Low. The track was played on the radio, and it is spreading like wildfire, reaching the audience on a much deeper level. His music is successful, because it offers a combination of catchy sounds and personal stories that come from the singer’s real life experiences. In the wake of the success of Easy High Easy Low, Dylan collaborated with two amazing singers on a brand new track named Forgotten.

This is a fantastic song that could be a defining moment in Dylan career, who dreams of one day be able to collaborate with major artists like Charlie Puth or Justin Bieber, only to mention but a few. In addition to the personable and edgy performance value, this release is also quite distinctive because of the sheer quality of the production. The mix is balanced and very detail-oriented, making for a lively, edgy and stark sonic approach. In other words, there are many subtle nuances in this release, which really add to the richness of the track when summed up together. The frequency spectrum of the mix is also very balanced, with a tight, yet deep low end working wonders along with a smooth top end, which adds a sense of clarity to the music. His work stands out for its modern sound, but although the production is quite polished, it is never overproduced, allowing a lot of wonderfully organic and “human” elements to really add liveliness to the sound.

Forgotten is going to be the next big chapter in Dylan’s life and work, but he is not just going to stop there! In fact, he is also working on another song named Follow Me, which will come out in March. This is going to be yet another fantastic chapter in Dylan’s amazing story as an artist, and he is on his way to becoming a widely recognized singer and songwriter due to his talent and honesty, not to mention his beautiful melodies!

Find out more about Dylan Leibrich and do not miss out on Forgotten, which will be released on Spotify soon.

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