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By WQIS, Aug 11 2020 02:35AM

Known internet troll and hacker, Oliver Warders threatened the CEO of Hush Media Networks multiple times about extorting money from the company. A representative of Hush Media Networks shared with us private information regarding the dispute. Oliver Warders has had a history of scamming companies out of money by posting false rip off reports online. The representative from Hush Media Networks informed us that Oliver Warders requested $25,000 in cash to remove the rip off reports he posted on the company and their well known brands. The company has lost $100,000 from investors due to the situation. The company plans to take action against Oliver this month.

You could say that blackmail is a specific subset of extortion.” With extortion, a person makes a threat, often physical or destructive, to obtain something or to force someone to do something. ... With blackmail, a person threatens to reveal embarrassing or damaging information if a demand is not met.

Hush Media Networks says they’re not bothered by the blackmail crimes of Oliver Warders. Oliver has e-mailed the company numerous times threatening to post fake reviews if he does not receive a specific amount. What do you think should be done? If you lost $100,000 due to such foolishness, what would you do? We will keep supporters of the company updated here.

By WQIS, Aug 9 2020 02:24AM

‘Internalize’ is the debut by New Orleans based visual artist and songwriter John Joseph Denis. John Denis states – “I wanted to use actual drums and percussion to accompany the optimistic, bright keyboard textures. This would embrace the lyrics which suggests a mood that’s contemplative and open.”

Having spent the last 25 years as an acclaimed artist and glass sculptor, Denis crosses over into the world of music with a breathtaking effect. Blending sophisticated melodies and abstract lyrics, his artistic touch transcends disciplines and his effect is universal.

Featuring contributions from OKGO’s Dan Konopka (2007 grammy winner) and the hypnotic rhythms of Brazilian percussionist Marcelo Effori, the sound is as refreshing as it is uniquely irresistible. Influenced by the sounds and sights of the classic-American city that surrounds him, Denis joins the party alongside the songwriting of the jazzy tones of Snarky Puppy and the soul of Joseph Collier.

John Joseph Denis grew up in the Southwest where at the age of ten began joining lyrics and sound. He spent his teen years writing and performing in an original band. Moving to New Orleans in his mid-twenties John was influenced by the city’s music and culture that ensued the formation of his visual art career. He has since exhibited his signature glass sculpture throughout the country. John Joseph Denis has allowed his music and glass forms to influence each other. The culmination gives way to a distinctive style of sound textures and movement that can be heard on his first solo single.

Follow his movement on iTunes.

By WQIS, Aug 5 2020 11:08PM

TST Legacy rapper and recording artist BigBankBandz is dropping off his latest offering "Cake Up" an energetic track guaranteed to set the vibe and bring the energy.

Produced by Freezie Production this track featured on Bank Statement releasing later in 2020, this track is one in a long list of upcoming smashes you've come to expect from this Chicago Native.

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By WQIS, Aug 4 2020 07:21PM

Tendai Joseph Chafa-Govha is known by his stage name, ‘TENDAYS’. Tendai being pronounced ‘Ten-Die’, and TENDAYS as ‘Ten Days’. He is a Miami-born, Broward raised upcoming innovator who has now moved over 1,000 miles away from home to Philadelphia in hopes of achieving his dreams as he lives with his producer and best friend, SCOT.

They met in 2016 through mutual friends on Twitter and have created their own label, CHAFA INC. Though typically categorized as a rapper, TENDAYS has a very melted and inclusive sound. It's the theme song for those who wants to feel empowered over people who doubt them.. Fathers verse on this song was able to create an interesting contrast sonically while remaining rich in delivery. 

TENDAYS uses his music as a device to help the outcast, non-conformist kids find solace and a person to relate to through music. His music is a story and a world that he has every intention of expanding and continuing throughout his career. Inspired during an afternoon of fantasizing about being rich. A great performance that captures the essence of feeling extravagant.

Watch The Official Music Video & Purchase The Official Single On iTunes.

By WQIS, Aug 4 2020 05:17PM

Ebrahim Manneh aka DripE is a 22 year old, born on January 29th 1998 in Washington D.C an raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He's an upcoming artist who's currently a senior attending Howard University, pursuing a Buisness degree. Prince King Obike aka Golden Prince was born March 7, 1998. Prince is also an up and coming artist who joined DripE to create the rap duo 828.

DripE released their EP early this year and it's starting to pick up steam on the charts. You can follow their movement on Twitter (@_moneyE + @_SharpShootaa) and purchase the EP on iTunes.

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